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Understand Your Value

When negotiating, your next job offer, it’s important to know your worth to employers. Having researched the necessary information on salary, benefits and perks helps you construct the job offer that meets your goals. Follow these guidelines to understand your value in the marketplace. Salary Based on your skills, experience, and market demand, determine a… Read more »

The Value of Working with a Professional Recruiter

Searching for a new career is a daunting task. No matter how much time you spend scouring job boards, sending your resume and interviewing, you may not receive the results you want. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process by yourself. Here are some examples of how working with a professional recruiter can… Read more »

The Value of Your Company Working with a Professional Recruiter

Every company faces challenges in hiring and retaining the most qualified workers. Because employees are looking for new objectives and benefits, the idea of having the same employee remain in a particular role for many years is unrealistic. To effectively manage turnover, you must look at what your company offers to challenge, engage, and retain… Read more »

Why Is There A Shortage of Engineering Talent?

Where is the Engineering Talent?  With unemployment at record low rates for engineers specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Quality, Design and Industrial skills and new positions becoming available daily, employers are facing even greater competition in finding, developing, and retaining top engineering talent. Here are some reasons for the shortage of engineers and ways employers… Read more »

The Lost Art of Conversation

  Many employees, especially millennials, prefer connecting with others by email or text rather than through a phone call. However, this may have adverse effects when you’re conducting a job search. Find out why most hiring managers and recruiters prefer you talk with them verbally when securing your next position. Importance of Dialogue Having a… Read more »

Should I Relocate Our Next Hire?

As a hiring manager or recruiter, securing top candidates is always on your mind. However, you may face challenges finding quality hires for niche positions in your local area, possibly even in your state. For this reason, you may consider relocating candidates from neighboring states, your region, or potentially farther away. Reasons Employers May Want… Read more »

A Successful Phone Interview

A phone interview is the first step in finding what may turn out to be your dream career. Follow these guidelines for successfully handling your next phone interview so you may move forward in securing the position you desire. Prepare in Advance Ensure the job description, your resume, and topics you’d like to discuss are… Read more »

Do I Really Need a Cover Letter?

  While searching for your next job, you may be wondering whether sending a cover letter with your resume is absolutely necessary. Learn why in most cases you should not include a cover letter with your resume and ways in which you can more effectively engage with potential employers. Outdated Function Employers began requesting cover… Read more »