I had good experience when Next Level Professional helped me find a job in Feb 2016.

They were most helpful, Sharing details about the company, culture and interview preparation  I knew what to expect which really helped with my nervous. Since I was relocating they shared lots of details about the local area, booklets, maps,  and places to stay, and they have stayed in touch with me since I started. Most of the recruiters won’t remember you a year from now on.


One of the things I would love to share with everyone who views your new website is how Next Level found the right opportunity for me and made the transition feel effortless and seem less.

Next Level also worked through the details to ensure this opportunity was not only a good fit but helped me negotiate my hiring agreement.

Thanks again to the team at Next Level I love my new opportunity!


I cannot speak highly enough of Paul Ladson and Next Level Professional. Paul is an expert in matching professionals and companies. After being thoroughly interviewed by Paul to make sure I was the right fit for my current employer he worked tirelessly to match us and work out an employment agreement that both sides were happy with. I’m still at that company and plan to complete my career here. Thank you Paul and Next Level Professional.


I could not be more pleased with my experience with next level. You were diligent in following up and in helping to set up interviews along with assisting in interview preparation. I never had to wonder about the status of the position or interview because you were always in contact with me keeping me updated.


I was impressed with the job done by Next Level Professional, how they found me and make the match…all the process was clear and fast…very pleased with the support.


Next Level Professional recruited me for an ideal position to match my Engineering strengths.  First time in my 30+ years of Engineering where I was in the market but did not apply for a single position, NLP took care of those details.  Thoroughly satisfied and have recommended to others.


The team at Next Level Professional took the time to understand my experience and skill set beyond the simple review of a resume. After initially believing that I was not a fit for a position, Paul Ladson took the time to speak with me about the role and the possible gaps in my abilities. Paul became my biggest cheerleader with the employer and I was hired a few short weeks later. The additional time and consideration offered by Next Level Professional was above and beyond my experience with other organizations and very much appreciated.


I have been extremely satisfied working with Next Level Professional.  As a hiring manager, I have received a good flow of quality candidates and many of them have become high-performing employees.  The Next Level team is responsive, and that means a lot with my busy schedule.

Paul – Vice President – Product Development

The professionals at Next Level Professional are the experts I turn to when I need to consider an addition to my technical talent. They have made it a point to learn about our company, it’s culture, and the critical requirements of the position before recommending a single individual. What usually follows are candidates with the correct skillset and background to fit our needs.

Tim  – Director, Research & Development

My experience with Next Level Professional has been positive. They took the time to listen and understand my requirements and expectations. The recruiting process was efficient and timely.  They were successful in identifying an acceptable individual for our organization and work with us throughout the whole process ensuring both our new employee and us as the client were completely satisfied.

Matthew – VP of Operations