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As experts in engineering, professional, supply chain, information technology recruitment, human resources recruitment and sourcing and attracting and identifying top professionals, we focus on making long-term successful matches. The screening process begins with extensive phone interviews, experience validation, reference checks and when whenever possible a face to face meeting.

The in-depth recruitment process concentrates on behavioral questions to understand what is driving the candidate’s decision to make a career change. We work to ensure that their goals and needs math those of our clients.”

  • How will the new opportunity improve their situation?
  • What are their career goals, and overall expectations?
  • What are their passions; what makes them tick?

The quality and overall satisfaction of our placements and clients is critical.

As part of our process we survey every hire from both the candidate and client’s perspective in several areas. Below is a sampling of our results.:

  • 96% of our placed candidates feel their experience with us was excellent or very good.
  • 93% of our placements feel we care about their career and future goals
  • 85% of our clients feel we did a better job than they expected
  • 98% of our clients would recommend Next Level to a colleague

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For information technology recruitment, professional services and human resources recruitment, Next Level delivers exceptional results and better service that most professionals and engineering recruitment firms.

Our services include:

Contract Placement

Access the professional and technical experts you need to complete critical projects while maximizing your bottom line.

Direct Hire/Direct Placement

For critical tough-to-fill positions or talent shortages, engineering, project management, information technology recruitment, human resources recruitment, Next Level Professional Solutions is the experts in Southeastern Wisconsin and nationwide.

Executive Search

Add to your leadership team or recruit highly in demand professionals. Next Level recruits passive candidates to find you the perfect match for even the highest executive level positions.

Industries We Support

  • Business Professional – Human Resources, Supply Chain, logistics
  • Engineering – Mechanical, Electrical, Quality, Industrial, Manufacturing, Project Management, Design
  • Information Technology – programmers, software development, embedded programming and engineering, network support and application development
  • Off-Highway equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Devices – Class I, II, and III support
  • Packaging Machinery – material handling applications
  • Power Sports – engine components, control units, emissions and calibration
  • Manufacturing