The Value of Human Interaction During the Hiring Process.

The increasing use of automation in the hiring process saves hiring professionals time and money. These technologies provide support for sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Although automation is becoming an essential part of the hiring process, the value of human interaction should also be emphasized. After all, hiring decisions are partly based on emotions.

Technology does not have emotions, but humans do. People, hire people. Therefore, human interaction remains essential for hiring.

As a job seeker, you likely have interacted with both technology and humans during the hiring process. Blending technology with human interaction helps job seekers and hiring teams make better employment decisions. The results help job seekers and hiring professionals reach their objectives.

During increasing automation, learn why human interaction remains a valuable part of the hiring process.

Forming Career Connections

Talking with a local recruiter, hiring manager, HR professional, or company leader can help you secure your desired role. For instance, you can gain information and advice about the job market and access unadvertised opportunities. Many positions are never posted or advertised within organizations. Leverage your connections to learn about these opportunities, perhaps companies you may not have been aware of, receive constructive feedback on your resume, and just network with other professionals. Technology cannot help you reach these objectives.

Building Relationships

Human interaction with hiring professionals creates a foundation for successful relationships. These relationships help hiring managers understand your education, skills, strengths, experience, goals, interests, and needs and, thus, decide whether you are best suited for a role.

Working in the right role increases your engagement, performance, and productivity; These factors elevate your job satisfaction and tenure with the company. Technology alone cannot attain these objectives.

Getting Hired

One or more hiring team members are responsible for deciding whether you should be extended a job offer. This responsibility includes a human-based evaluation of whether you would blend with the company culture and the team, work well individually and collaboratively, and be able to reach the role’s goals and expectations. Technology alone cannot make these types of decisions.

As a candidate, you should have a level of trust with a recruiter or hiring professional to provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process. For instance, regular communication from the recruiter helps you understand where you are in the hiring process and how to prepare for the next steps. Their open communication provides you with customized insight and advice to impress the hiring manager and advance in the hiring process. Plus, ongoing communication helps the recruiter negotiate on your behalf to help secure your desired benefits and salary. This trust, guidance, and support cannot be gained by interacting with technology.

Do You Think Human Interaction During the Hiring Process Is Valuable?

What are your thoughts about the value of human interaction during the hiring process? Are there automated processes that have helped or hindered your job search?