It’s Your Opportunity

Each day you are given the opportunity to go to work and try to make a difference. That difference is not the same for everyone. It could be a better process, faster turnaround, a new or improved product, or simply being a better resource for your employer. While you may not be changing the world,… Read more »

The Lost Art of Conversation

  Many employees, especially millennials, prefer connecting with others by email or text rather than through a phone call. However, this may have adverse effects when you’re conducting a job search. Find out why most hiring managers and recruiters prefer you talk with them verbally when securing your next position. Importance of Dialogue Having a… Read more »

Do I Really Need a Cover Letter?

  While searching for your next job, you may be wondering whether sending a cover letter with your resume is absolutely necessary. Learn why in most cases you should not include a cover letter with your resume and ways in which you can more effectively engage with potential employers. Outdated Function Employers began requesting cover… Read more »