It’s Your Opportunity

Each day you are given the opportunity to go to work and try to make a difference. That difference is not the same for everyone. It could be a better process, faster turnaround, a new or improved product, or simply being a better resource for your employer. While you may not be changing the world, you should be striving to make something, including yourself, a little better. The question is, do you have the opportunity to improve in your current role? Is there more you could be doing? What is your company doing to help you grow and improve your overall situation?

• Avoid Being Complacent

Avoid settling for a job that does not challenge you. If you are not being challenged, you are not learning or growing. If you are not growing, you are not adding value to your employer or your career. If you are not adding value, you are limiting your opportunities to advance elsewhere in your industry. Updating your resume will be a challenge, landing a new position with greater responsibilities, salary, and benefits will be even more difficult.

• Look for Signs of Needing Change

Search for signs that it is time you change positions. If you feel exhausted or bored at work, think about the reasons why. Is it the subject matter, your colleagues, or something else? Think about what would give you energy and keep you engaged in your work. What topics do you find fascinating? What makes you lose track of time? Use what interests you to get you thinking about what direction to take next with your career. Do you feel apathetic at work? Do you operate on autopilot? Do you wish you were elsewhere? Think about what you truly care about. Determine your values and what you want to experience in your daily role. Are you looking for autonomy, community, or overcoming challenges, etc. Start looking for opportunities that allow you to practice the skills and interests you want to.

• Check in with Yourself

Ask yourself how happy you are with your current role and career goals. Have you been working for the same company for years without a promotion? Do you lack constructive feedback to improve your performance? Are you regularly enhancing and adding to your skill set? Have you been wondering what else is out there for employment opportunities? Now is the time to find out.

• Consider Making a Career Change

If you are consistently disengaged at work, consider making a job change. If you dread going to work, you do not like your colleagues or boss, or your work performance is suffering, find a new role. If your ideas are not being heard or implemented, you are being micromanaged, or you lack the ability to advance, begin your job search now. If you are not doing what you love, you will never reach your true potential.

If you have a great situation and company, and you jump out of bed each day to enjoy the benefit of going to work with new opportunities, then embrace it. Develop your knowledge and skills. However, if you are not jumping out of bed ready to embrace the day before you, it is time to look for a better opportunity. Get in touch with us at Next Level Professional (262) 293-4288 or drop me a note so we can discuss your situation.