The Value of Working with a Professional Recruiter

Searching for a new career is a daunting task. No matter how much time you spend scouring job boards, sending your resume and interviewing, you may not receive the results you want. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process by yourself. Here are some examples of how working with a professional recruiter can add value to your job search.

  • Wider Network

Because a recruiter spends much time developing long-term relationships with hiring managers, a recruiter has a wider network than you do. As a result, the recruiter knows about unposted job openings, can confidentially share your skills and experience with hiring managers, and can set up interviews for you. Also, because few other candidates are informed about the openings, you face less competition when securing a role.

  • Increased Resources

Working with a recruiter can provide you a wealth of resources you may not have on your own. For example, the recruiter can keep you updated on the latest industry events and employment trends so you have a realistic idea of what to expect during your search. Also, the recruiter can help enhance your resume so it shows why you’re the best candidate for a position. In addition, because the recruiter has a strong understanding of each company’s culture, the recruiter can show a hiring manager exactly how you fit within an organization. Furthermore, the recruiter can provide insight into each interviewer’s background and what qualities they’re searching for so you may more personally connect. Additionally, because the recruiter knows the hiring manager’s budget, the recruiter can coach you on what salary range and contract terms to ask for and, more importantly, what to avoid. Plus, if you aren’t offered a position, the recruiter can provide you feedback so you’re better prepared for your next opportunity.

  • Transparency

Because the recruiter works for companies needing to fill open positions, you must be transparent with the recruiter throughout your job search. For example, provide insight into your skills, experience and what type of role you’re looking for. You’ll help build trust and allow the recruiter to advocate on your behalf. Also, let the recruiter know why you want to leave your current role. Whether you desire a better benefits package, flexible work schedule or different technology and products, the recruiter can help ensure you don’t end up in the same situation at your next job. In addition, be honest about both the minimum and ideal salary you want to earn. You’ll save time by interviewing only for positions offering the income you desire. Furthermore, let the recruiter know if you’ve already interviewed for roles. The recruiter can use that information to make you appear more competitive and avoid being presented for the same position from multiple sources.

  • Ongoing Relationship

Because the recruiter may not have an ideal position available right now, it’s important you develop a relationship with the recruiter for when future opportunities arise. Circumstances frequently change and roles open up. Even if you secure a job on your own, remaining in contact with the recruiter lets you leverage their relationship with hiring managers when you’re looking for your next position. The recruiter can support and advocate for you throughout the hiring process to help you achieve your career goals. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to partner with a trusted recruiter in your industry and geographic area.

These are a few examples of the value you can receive from working with a professional recruiter. When you’re ready to make your next career move, reach out to Next Level Professional at (262) 293-4288 or