The Value of Your Company Working with a Professional Recruiter

Every company faces challenges in hiring and retaining the most qualified workers. Because employees are looking for new objectives and benefits, the idea of having the same employee remain in a particular role for many years is unrealistic. To effectively manage turnover, you must look at what your company offers to challenge, engage, and retain talent in a new, “more interesting” environment.  Fortunately, you can improve your hiring process by partnering with a third party that specializes in finding candidates who excel in your industry. Here are some ways working with a professional recruiter will add value to your company.

  • Create an Ongoing Talent Pipeline

Working with a recruiter provides you with a continuous supply of talent. Because the recruiter already invested much time in sourcing, interviewing, and screening candidates, the candidates you meet with will be the best of the best. Since the recruiter points out the strongest assets of each candidate, you’ll know what questions to focus on when meeting with each candidate. Focusing on how a candidate’s skills and experience relate to qualifications for a position will result in higher quality hires.

  • Access More Candidates

Partnering with a recruiter can bring you candidates you may not have access to otherwise. Because a recruiter knows how to reach both active and passive candidates, a recruiter’s network typically expands much farther than your company’s network. This helps you reach candidates who are busy and won’t respond to job boards but are willing to let a recruiter find quality roles for them. Because passive candidates may be interested in only very specific opportunities, the role you have may be just what the candidate is looking for. In addition, candidates will be more willing to meet with you when the recruiter points out your company culture, history, career opportunities, and many of the benefits that are difficult to articulate in a posting or on a website. The recruiter can also share with you the candidate’s key priorities and goals so you can customize your company’s selling points when meeting with the candidate. As a result, you’ll fill your positions faster with top professionals in your industry.

  • Make Faster Hiring Decisions

Partnering with a recruiter who specializes in your industry and company helps you make faster hiring decisions. The recruiter has a strong understanding of how your company differs from others and can facilitate an efficient sourcing, hiring, and onboarding process. Because you’re conducting fewer interviews with vetted candidates, you’re able to make a hiring decision in less time. Since top candidates are typically interviewing with companies other than yours, you’ll lose those candidates if you take too long to extend a job offer. Candidates will believe you’re not interested in how they may benefit your company and will likely accept a position with your competitor.

  • Fulfill Business Goals

Working with a recruiter helps fulfill your company’s short and long-term goals. When you involve the recruiter in your organizational plans, you provide the necessary time for finding the most qualified candidates for future positions. If your need is urgent and/or project-based, you have the option of adding contract employees and ensuring they integrate into your organization before deciding whether to hire them permanently. Also, if you need to make a confidential hire, expand internal teams, or make other challenging decisions, a recruiter can assist with candidate sourcing, screening, and off-site interviewing. As a result, you’ll stay focused on other responsibilities and increase your odds of hiring the best candidate.

These are a few benefits your company may gain from working with a professional recruiter. For assistance with filling your professional roles or a conversation, contact Paul Ladson at (262) 293-4288 or