December, It’s a great time to find that new career.

Do you want to start the New Year off with a new career? Have you been thinking about changing careers, but don’t have the time to look into other opportunities? Find out why December is the best time to start your job search.

  •  Less Competition

Because the majority of workers are focused on holiday celebrations and end of year commitments, competition for jobs is much lower. Since fewer candidates are applying for positions, your resume will stand out more, and you’ll stay on top of the talent pool. However, timing is key, you must promptly follow up on correspondence with hiring managers and recruiters so you stay first and foremost on their minds. If you fail to respond to phone calls, texts, or emails within 24 hours, you show a lack of interest in the position, and the manager or recruiter will move on to another candidate.

  •  More Time for Interviews

You’ll also need to make time for interviews. Many managers and recruiters are looking to make hiring decisions before year-end, and you’ll need to meet with them during business hours. Due to key decision makers possibly being out of the office, there may be limited time slots for interviews. You may even be called in on short notice. Use up any remaining vacation time so you can meet with decision makers and secure your next position. You’ll most likely not be starting your new role until mid-January, you can still take advantage of your year-end bonus and use up vacation/sick days before making that change.

  •  Extra Money in Budgets

Because companies often have some additional funds in their annual budgets, December is a key month for posting open positions and making hiring decisions. New projects and initiatives requiring additional staff are put into place for the coming year. Also, many workers leave their jobs or retire at year-end, resulting in vacant positions that need filling. Since many positions are not posted to the job boards use this time to build or strengthen a relationship with a Professional Recruiter. They often have access to the “hidden job market” and become a great resource in the new career search. Even if you’re not ready to make a change just yet, it’s a great time to make the connections and start building that relationship.

  •  Great Time for Networking

The holiday season is the perfect time for networking and landing the career you want. Whether attending parties or visiting family and friends, you’re either reconnecting with people or making new contacts. Use these opportunities to discuss your career plans and see who can help you out. Reach out to former colleagues, mentors, and recruiters as well. They may know someone who can help you get the position you want.

Set yourself up as a prime candidate for a new career in 2018 by beginning your job search in December. Gain additional help or information by reaching out to the Professional Recruiting team at Next Level Professional give us a call at (262) 293-4288 anytime or visit our site